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About Crawley Physio

Crawley Physiotherapy has the aim of improving your performance and quality of life. Physiotherapy is not just for athletes it is simply the best method of enhancing your ability to carry out the functions that are required on a day to day basis, whether sporting, professional or not at all. Pain and stiffness of muscles and joints, mean there is a reduced capacity of your fitness, this stops you from being fully functional. Crawley Physio put the physiotherapy input in place to minimise this reduction in function.

Crawley Physio provides you with physiotherapy services to help you improve at any stage of your recovery from an injury, operation or illness. Crawley Physio believe that it is never too late or too soon benefit from a physiotherapy assessment. Some of our patients have come to see us within hours of their injury; others have come years after persistent back pain that has not been adequately treated. Many have come to have their backs and neck assessed after many years of pain, stiffness, and ineffective treatment elsewhere.

If you are in pain or discomfort, let Crawley Physiotherapy treat your injury.

Our physiotherapists can help improve your fitness; increase muscle mass and gain body weight; reduce body fat and lose weight. These improvements will allow you to improve your sports performance or be more able to cope with the occupational physical stresses and demands of day to day life. Crawley Physio have the experience and facilities to improve every aspect of physical fitness.

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